Saturday, May 21, 2011

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The parish of St. James hosts a pastoral sense the evangelising mission of the Heralds of the Gospel in Almería

Tomorrow begins Sunday, May 22 at the Parish Church of St. James a new evangelization.

is the visit of the Heralds of the Gospel with the image of the Virgin of Fatima. This mission will start tomorrow Sunday at 20.00 hours with a Mass of welcome from the pilgrim image in which a choir of this partnership will liven up the Eucharist.

Starting Monday, every day of the move heralds the blessed image to the homes of parishioners who have requested it before then returned to the temple and celebrated the mass.

On Friday
27 after holding at 20.00 there will be a short procession with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima through the streets of the parish.

On Sunday 29 the mission will end with a solemn farewell Mass at 20.00.

is a new initiative in our city not to be missed and intends to continue with the wonderful climate that exists in Almería devotional after Easter and the visit of the Cross and the icon of the WYD week.

Heralds of the Gospel is an International Association of Faithful of Pontifical Right, the first to be erected by the Holy See in the third millennium on 22 February 2001. Mainly composed of young, the Association is currently present in 78 countries. Its members practice celibacy consecrated life and devote themselves entirely to the ministry, which alternate life of meditation, study and prayer, evangelization activities in dioceses and parishes. While professing no votes and remain in status of laity (with the exception of some who embrace the priesthood) the Heralds practicing the evangelical counsels. Its founder is Bishop Clá João Dias.


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